Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beanbag Extravaganza!

I wanted to do something different from the usual loot bag for my son's birthday back in November.  Loot bags are great fun, but typically a lot of stuff that ends up as clutter, in the landfill, or, in our case now, recycled as Geocaching SWAG.  I've had beanbags for the kids on my 'to sew' list for years now so I decided it would be a set of 3 beanbags for each child.

I used bright quilting cotton, so I did an inner liner for added durability.  My fill was rice.  I tried to research the best fill... but didn't find any conclusive info.  I had a lot of rice I wasn't using around, so rice it was.  I like the feel of the finished bags and as an added bonus, they can also be microwaved and used as hot packs.

Making 30+ beanbags took some time, but hopefully they will be enjoyed and played with for quite sometime.

Here are a few tutorials here and here if you want to make some beanbags of your own.


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